By Ken Hissner: At CAA Centre, Brampton, Ontario, Canada, Friday Tyler Buxton and Don MacDonald (United Boxing Promotions) over DAZN (The Zone) presented in the Main Event “The Boss” Wagner stopped Jorge “Soldado” Perez Sanchez for the vacant International Boxing Association Intercontinental Welterweight title in the ninth round scoring the lone knockdown in the fight.

In the Main Event Josh “The Boss” Wagner, 13-0 (7), #147, of Orangeville, Ontario, CAN, stopped Jorge “Soldado” Perez Sanchez, 13-3 (5), #146, of Mexico City, MEX, at 2:07 of the ninth round of a scheduled 10 rounds, for the vacant IBA Intercontinental welterweight title.

In the first four rounds Wagner backed up a reluctant Sanchez with a jab. In the fifth through the seventh rounds Sanchez finally started coming forward throwing punches taking both rounds.

In the ninth round Wagner dropped Sanchez with a right on the chin for an 8-count from Referee David Dunbar which was half a push down. Wagner was all over Sanchez when it was finally waved off by referee Dunbar.

Canadian Super Light champ “Marvelous” Mark Smither, 9-0 (0), #139.6, of Barrie, Ontario, CAN, defeated Andy “El Caniche” Almendras, 15-11-1 (7), #139.6, of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, BOL, over 10 rounds.

In the first three rounds Smither dominated with an effective jab. In the fourth and fifth rounds Smither continued boxing being a light hitter didn’t want to mix it up with Almendras. In the sixth round Smither hurt Almendras with a right to the body halfway through the round.

In the ninth round Smither continued controlling with his jab while Almendras was looking to survive. In the tenth and final round Smith managed to go the distance in his first ten rounder pitching a shutout.

Referee was Mark Simmons.

Scores were 100-90 and 99-91 twice with this writer 100-90.

Super Welter southpaw Joshua “Hellrazor” Frazer, 6-0 (6), #156.4, of Brampton, Ontario, CAN, stopped southpaw Esteban “Negro Tremendo” Villalba, 13-27-3 (9), #158.4, of Juarez, MEX, after two rounds in a scheduled 6 rounds.

In the first round the taller at 6:03 Frazer used an effective jab to take the round. In the second round Frazer dropped Villalba for an 8-count by Referee Floyd Porter in the last minute. Villalba was able to survive the round but refused to come out for the third round.

Super Welter Thad Buntsta, 3-3-1 (1), #155.6, of Oshawa, Ontario, CAN, drew with Daniel Roach, 2-1-1 (0), #154, of Toronto, Ontario, CAN, over 6 rounds.

In the first two rounds they fought on even terms with Buntsta busier and Roach stronger. In the third round Buntsta got a small cut on the bridge of his nose. Roach used an effective right uppercut to the body of Buntsta.

In the fourth and fifth rounds Bunsta used overhand rights to combat Roach’s uppercuts to the body. In the sixth and final round Bunsta was cut on the right eyebrow but still out landed Roach to take the round. Referee was Mark Finley.

Scores were 59-55 Bunsta, 58-56 Roach and 57-57for a draw with 58-56 Bunsta for this writer.

Five time Canadian amateur champ Melinda Wood, 1-0 (0), #164.4, of Pefferlaw,Toronto, CAN, defeated Silvia “La Leona” Barraza, 1-2 (1), #164, of Juarez, MEX, over 4×2 rounds.

In the first two rounds Wood out landed Barraza with overhand rights to the chin. In the third and fourth rounds Wood went to the body with rights and had Barraza in trouble during the entire last minute. Referee was David Dunbar.

Scores were all 40-36 as was this writers.

Middleweight Medhi “Medboy” Abidi, 1-0 (1), #155 ½, of India, Ontario, CAN, stopped Scott MacDonald, 0-1 (0), #156, of Ajax, Ontario, CAN, at 2:27 of the second round scoring one knockdown in a scheduled 4 rounds.

In the second round with almost a minute remaining Abidi landed a left hook to the chin rocking MacDonald. Seconds later a right from Abidi on the chin and down went MacDonald for an 8-count from Referee Floyd Porter. Abidi jumped all over MacDonald until the fight was stopped.

Ring Announcer Patrick Lono.

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