As the sun continues to set on the biggest boys club event of the season, the 2022 AAU Boys Volleyball National Championships, we’re excited to bring your our picks for the 15/16U session’s most outstanding performers! You can wind back the action with our recaps from Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4‘s pressure-packed knockout phase to get caught up, but now we give a thumbs up to those players that stood out the most over the course of the event, and bring you our All-Tournament selections for the 15U and 16U Open divisions!

15 Open

Luke Schall, Outside Hitter, HPSTL 15B Royal 
Logan Mainka, Outside Hitter, MKE Sting 15 Adidas
Sindhunandan Udhayakumar, Outside Hitter, Bay To Bay 15-1

Anderson Walker, Setter, MVVC 15 Red
Alexander Lee, Setter, Bay To Bay 15-1

Andy Xu, Right-Side Hitter, MVVC 15 Red
Grayson Bradford, Right-Side Hitter, MB Surf 15’s-1 Asics

Kae’Jahn Hill, Middle Blocker, Team Rockstar 15Rockstar
Luke Martinez, Middle Blocker, HPSTL B15 Royal
Kyle Boger, Middle Blocker, MB Surf 15’s-1 Asics

Jackson Loewe, Libero, MKE Sting 15 Adidas
Leon Meng, Libero, MVVC 15 Red


16 Open

Ambrose Engling, Outside Hitter, MVC 16-Joe
Ethan Saint, Outside Hitter, 949 B16 Black
Ben Bray, Outside Hitter, PAC 16-MS

Kai Rodriguez, Right-Side Hitter, Bay To Bay 16-1
Finn Kearney, Right-Side Hitter, AZ Fear 16 TS

Caleb Sapp, Middle Blocker, Balboa Bay 16Blue
Benjamin Winokur, Middle Blocker, Balboa Bay 16Blue
Marek Turner, Middle Blocker, Team Rockstar 16Rockstar
Michael Denver, Middle Blocker, SB Coast Volleyball

Kali Duvvuri, Setter, Bay To Bay 16-1
Jack Fitterer, Setter, MVC 16-Joe

Aiden Atencio, Libero, PAC 16-MS
Layton Bluth, Libero, AZ Feat 16TS

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