This is a review of the Cyrusher XF900 E-Bike. The XF900 is an all terrain, full suspension, fat tired e-bike that looks absolutely amazing. I’ve fallen in love with my bike, and you can get yourself one at

Cyrusher XF900

E-bikes are seeing a massive growth in popularity in the US over the last few years.

Just 4 years ago when I got my first e-bike, I’m pretty sure It was the only electric bike in my entire neighborhood. These days however, I see other e-bike riders every time I’m out on my bike.

With this boom of popularity of e-bikes comes better competition from bike makers to produce e-bikes that perform better, look better, and cost less.

Enter Cyrusher

I only heard of Cyrusher bikes recently, but when I did, I notived immediately that they had some of the best looking e-bikes I had seen. After digging in deeper, I found they were also some of the highest rated e-bikes on the market.

With great looking bikes, great reviews, and some amazing technical specs, I had to try out a Cyrusher bike for myself.

All-Terrain Electric Bike | 750W 17Ah

The XF900 is among the best electric bikes for sale. Its motorcycle-inspired frame makes it unique and our one-of-a-kind electric bicycle. 

Assembling The Cyrusher XF900

I received my Cyrusher XF900 in a typical bike box where it came mostly assembled, but still needed some basic assembly.

The instructions for putting the bike together were amazing. I may not have thought anything of it, but this is my third e-bike, I have a Ride1Up and a Rad Power Bike. While they are both great bikes, their instructions were awful (especially Ride1Up).

With awesomely illustrated pictures and easy to follow directions, assembly of the bike took me about 30-45 minutes.

It also came with all the tools necessary as well as a tire pump to inflate the tires.

After that, I plugged in the battery to begin charging and waited impatiently to get my first ride in.

Riding The Cyrusher XF900

After my battery was done charging, roughly 6 hours later, I had to get my new bike out for a ride right away.

The problem though, was that I live in Minnesota and it was already late November, the temps were COLD and the snow had begun.

But what I first thought was a problem, turned out to be a fun experience.

Turns out that the XF900 had zero issues operating in the cold, unlike me, who on the other hand got pretty cold quickly on that 6 degree day!

The fat tires provided plenty of traction on the icy roads and plowed through the snow without a single problem.

The spring rear suspension made going through huge snow piles, over curbs, and through the hills, feel like nothing. Admittingly, I had no idea what the spring rear suspension was to begin with, I thought it just looked cool. Now, it’s one of my favorite features of this bike!

Another feature that I discovered and immediately fell in love with was how the throttle was controlled on Cyrusher XF900. On my other ebikes, with a twist of the throttle you can go from zero to full speed at any time.

With the XF900 bike though, how fast you can go with the throttle is controlled by the PAS (Pedal Assist System) setting you’re currently on. While on setting 1, I could use the throttle to go roughly 14 MPG. On PAS 5, well… I didn’t max the bike out, it was slippery and I got a little nervous around 22 MPH. I’ll have to test this out when the snow melts!

Overall, the Cyrusher XF900 rode wonderfully in the snow and on the ice. I can’t wait to get it out on the trails and on some camping trips this spring.

Power: Torque & Top Speed

Cyrusher XF900 Rear View
Rear View: Bafang Motor & Shimano Gears

750W Bafang Motor

The wattage of an e-bike motor is a little hard to understand (similar to torque, which I’ll discuss in a minute).

So we’re going to think of it like this: Wattage is the power of the motor, much like horsepower.

In the US, ebikes must have no more power than 750 watts.


So the Cyrusher XF900 is absolutely MAXED OUT on power.

Most e-bikes will typically offer 250W, 500W and only the top end offer 750W motors.

You can find 1000W and higher (I found 1500W bikes), but these get different legal classifications and may not even be legal in many areas.

Having plenty of power is great, it means fantastic speeds, even for big people, not just the light weights!

But in my opinion, what even more important than top speed is torque.

What Is Torque and How Much Does The XF900 Offer?

The Cyrusher offers 80Nm of max torque, which is awesome, but what does that mean.

I’ve learned over the last few years of owning e-bikes, that torque matters. I’ve also had to learn what on earth torque is when it comes to a bike.

Let me try to explain as easily as possible.

Torque is basically the ability of the engine to twist and is measured in Newton-Meters (Nm).

The main thing that torque on an e-bike offers is climbing power. If you’re going up a hill, more torque will push you that hill better than less torque. Too little torque and you’ll be peddling with all you’ve got or just walking up the hill (like you did as a kid on your one-speed bike).

There’s more to torque, but that is all you need to care about in my opinion.

So how does this compare with other e-bikes?

I checked out a few big name e-bike brands and found that e-bikes typically range from 30Nm to 50Nm of torque. Off rode bikes are often 60-80Nm and supposedly some offer up to 100Nm, but I couldn’t personally find these bikes and from what I read, these have much higher price tags.

The XF900 Battery: Battery Capacity & Distance On 1 Charge

One of the most important specs of an e-bike, in my opinion, is how far can it go on a charge.

The more distance on one charge the better. Since getting my first e-bike, the distance of my rides has doubled if not tripled. I want to be able to go on long trips and not worry about running out of power.

The Cyrusher XF900 has a range of up to 62 miles on one charge.

I said UP TO, which has to be considered. If you use your throttle 100% of the time, you’re not going to get 62 miles. The more you peddle and the less you rely on your motor, the longer distance you’ll get. Cyrusher states the bike will get between 20-62 miles on a full charge depending on how you use your bike.

After checking out other major e-bike brands, this feels pretty on par. Many state 25-45 miles per charge.

Battery LIfe Expectancy

Another important thing to consider is the life expectancy of your battery. Cyrusher states that the battery for their XF900 lasts 800 charges.

My typical ride is usually about 4-5 miles for standard use (I ride to the gym a lot) and I usually have to charge my bikes up once a week if I am using it every day. Based on my usage, that means the battery should last me 16 years which medium to high usage.

My friends have e-bikes too and they don’t use them nearly as much, I’m assuming they have charge a few times a month during heavy usage (they are RV campers) and not even once a month when they aren’t camping.

BONUS FEATURE: I had to share what I considered a bonus feature when I first saw my bike. A usb plug in the side of the battery. How simple, yet how handy! Being able to charge my phone right from my e-bike feels so right!

XF900 Weight

Personally, the weight of the bike doesn’t really matter to me as long as it’s not super heavy. I’ve owned road bikes, and it absolutely matters then, but on an off road fat tire bike, not so much.

The bike weighs in at 74lbs with the battery. Making it a heavy bike, but not an issue when you think that it is meant for riders 5’7″-6’6″.

From my research, 74lbs is pretty on par for a fat tire, off road bike. Skinny tire e-bikes tend to be in the 40-60 lb range.

Top Speed

According to the Cyrusher website, the top speed of the XF900 is 28 MPH. But I have seen some riders topping out closer to 30.

I have to take Cyrushers word on this one. I have no intentions of flying around at 30 mph on these snow and ice covered roads. I’ll test the max speed out when the snow is gone!


Cyrusher Computer

One of the first things I noticed on the XF900 is that the computer controller looked identical to the controller on my Rad Power Bike. They operate the same too. So I’m assuming that they both use the same manufacturer for their computers, which is totally fine, I love how they both operate.

The computer is easy and intuitive to navigate.

A simple on/off switch along with up and down arrows to control the PAS setting and you’ve learned 75% of everything you need to know.

While on, the power button becomes the menu button and allows you to scroll through different settings

XF900 Bike Design

Cyrusher XF900 Front End

In my opinion, the Cyrusher XF900 design is what makes it stand out from the e-bike crowd.

Many e-bikes are simply bland, boring, or weird in my opinion.

Cyrusher’s bikes, on the other hand, are some of the best looking bikes I’ve seen. The cool look of the bikes is fantastic. My kids and wife even all think the bike looks fantastic and blows my Rad and Ride1Up out of the water.

Other Features Of The Cyrusher XF900

  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Top Speed 28 MPH
  • Ride Any Terrain With Fat Tire (snow, sand, roads, trails)
  • Frame is Build For Tall Riders
  • Shimano Shifter & Derailleur
  • 7 Gear & 5 Pedal Assist Levels
  • Motorcycle Style Front Suspension
  • Zoom Hydraulic Brakes
  • 5-7 Hour Charge Time

Cyrusher XF900 Review: In Conclusion

Honestly, I got excited when I first saw Cyrusher Bikes online due to their design and specs. But after receiving the bike, I couldn’t be happier with the performance, value, style, and overall ride of the bike.

If you’d like to purchase your own Cyrusher Bike, check out their website at

All-Terrain Electric Bike | 750W 17Ah

The XF900 is among the best electric bikes for sale. Its motorcycle-inspired frame makes it unique and our one-of-a-kind electric bicycle. 

Also, make sure to check out our guide on Bike Camping for even more bike adventures.

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