– You’re leading the St. Francis Brooklyn’s men’s program after having been a Terrier for four years. How has your experience in Brooklyn Heights prepared you to assume leadership of one of the East’s premier men’s programs? 

I am so grateful for my time as a St Francis College Terrier Student- Athlete. One of the biggest things that I gained from my four years at SFC was how to deal with the adversity living in New York City. I have no doubt that this current team will learn how to stay resilient in the face of adversity. 

– How much has the COVID-19 layoff affected your planning for the fall 2021 season?

Thanks to the support of St Francis College, we always knew we would plan on competing in the Fall of 2021. We have stayed positive and are so excited to get back in the pool together for the first time as a team, and for the first time as a program in a year and a half. 

– How will you measure success this season? What does your program need to accomplish to sustain itself in the unpredictable world of collegiate athletic budgets? <This is particularly true give the looming pool challenge for your program>

I will measure the success of this year’s Terriers by how hard they work in the classroom as well as the pool. We need to continue to stay positive and keep our minds on the end goal, which is to compete for a conference title. We don’t have the best pool (although a nice home field advantage) but if we are able to overcome setbacks we endure, we will be the most successful team come Conference. 

– It’s hard to predict how a season will go but are there specific athletes you believe will be impact performers for 2021? Please name some of them / describe what might be expected from them this season.

I do not want to name any specific names. I am so excited for this team as a whole, they have worked hard together both in person as well as virtually. The chemistry is good and they have each others backs. With our 5 goalies and 15 field players it is going to take a group effort to have a successful season. 

– New York is a tough town, and water polo is a tough sport! Besides success (!) what do you think will raise the visibility of the sport / your program in the country’s media capital?

We have to do a better job of getting New York City’s youth involved in Water Polo. COVID-19 did put a pause on some momentum but hopefully soon we can start traveling all around the country and show how much talent in water polo the New York City area has. 

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