Roger Federer is putting a bow on his illustrious tennis career Friday after 24 years, 103 titles, 20 grand slams and so many more incredible accolades.

His final match will be a doubles competition in the Laver Cup, an event that puts Team Europe against Team World every two years. And his partner will be none other than close rival and friend Rafael Nadal, who has 22 grand slam titles himself.

However, despite the 42 grand slams between two tennis giants, their match against Americans Jack Sock and Francis Tiafoe is essentially a pick ’em at Tipico Sportsbook, with Federer and Nadal only slight favorites at -125 odds. The odds for Sock and Tiafoe are -102. Set winner odds are -120 for Federer/Nadal and -110 for Sock/Tiafoe.

Tiafoe beat Nadal in the US Open Round of 16 earlier this month. Can Federer turn back to clock and help his team get the win? The action starts Friday at 3:20 p.m. ET on the Tennis Channel, which can also be streamed on Sling TV or FuboTV for those without cable.

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