Millions of miles of paved roads snake throughout the United States. With winter closing in a world of snow-related closures will begin to fall on high altitude roads and mountain passes. In honor of this we decided to answer the question, what are the highest paved roads in the United States? Drive em’ while you still can!

A sign on the way up Evans – PC: Moinarch

1. Mount Evans Scenic Byway, Colorado, 14,160 ft.

The Mount Evans Scenic Byway holds the distinction of being the highest paved road in North America. The route which winds up switchbacks to the summit of prominent 14’er Mount Evans is only an hour and a half drive from downtown Denver. The drive has been named as one of the most scenic in the area and occasionally plays host to high altitude car tests as manufacturers test their engineering on the road when it’s open from the end of May to the beginning of September.

The view up the Mt. Evans Scenic Byway – PC: David Herrera

2. Pikes Peak Highway, Colorado, 14,115 ft.

America’s Mountain brings home second place with its summit route that attracts tourists and locals alike just outside of Colorado Springs. The road, which is open year-round, weather permitting, serves the hiking hotspot of Pikes Peak, which rises more than 7,000 feet over the adjacent front range. Once a year the road plays host to the Pikes Peak Hill Climb where dozens of cars race in a time trial format to see who can reach the top in the shortest amount of time.

A race car reaches the summit of Pikes Peak – PC: Drive eO

3. Mauna Kia Access Road, Hawaii, 13,781 ft.

The only road not in Colorado on this list plays home to stellar observatories far above the Pacific Ocean. Manua Kia is the highest point in the state of Hawaii and the second-highest island on earth! The high altitude, dry conditions, and favorable winds make the summit a hotspot for observatories and stargazing. The road is open all year if weather conditions are favorable, but be warned, it has been known to snow at the summit and temperatures can reach into the low teens in the winter.

Observatories seen atop Mauna Kia – PC: Alan L

4. Trail Ridge Road, Colorado, 12,201 ft.

This mountain pass is a prime sightseeing destination of Rocky Mountain National Park. The road is the highest paved mountain pass in the United States and connects the towns of Grand Lake and Estes Park over the continental divide. The road is typically open from late May to mid October when snow starts to accumulate.

Plows heading up Trail Ridge Road – PC: RMNP

5. Cottonwood Pass, Colorado, 12,126 ft.

Cutting through the 14ers of the Sawatch Mountains in central Colorado Cottonwood Pass is one of the few roads to link over the range. The pass, which was only paved in 2019 connects the small town of Tincup with central roads that span the state. Like many others on this list heavy snow keeps the pass closed from mid October to late May.

The view down the West slope of Cottonwood Pass – PC: ECPrice

6. Independence Pass, Colorado, 12,112 ft.

The iconic Independence Pass, signed as Colorado route 82, connects the ski town of Aspen to the front range when it’s open from October to May. The road, which also cuts through the Sawatch Mountains, allows travelers to avoid traveling through Glenwood Canyon on I-70 when it’s open. Trucks over the length of 25 feet are prohibited on the pass due to the sharp switchbacks and steep grades found on the road.

The Independence Pass closure gate in mid-April – PC: Roy Luck

7. Loveland Pass, Colorado, 11,992 ft.

The scenic Loveland Pass is the highest elevation pass to stay open all year round.  The road, which is subject to occasional snow closures, provides access to the ski areas of Loveland and Arapahoe Basin alongside the rest of Summit County. Since hazardous material trucks are prohibited through the adjacent I-70 Eisenhower tunnel all truckers must travel up and over the pass unless it’s under a weather closure.

The twists of Loveland Pass in fall foliage – PC: Jo Munday

8. Guanella Pass, Colorado, 11,660 ft.

Guanella Pass, situated between I-70 in Georgetown and US-285 in Grant, provides summertime access to one of Colorado’s most popular 14ers, Mount Bierstadt. The pass is rarely used for transit and is more often a sightseeing road due to it’s strange location. The long-closed Geneva Basin Ski Area operated on the south side of the pass until 1984. Nowadays the road stays open in the summer season from October to May.

Aspens change on the North side of Guanella Pass – PC: Toastal

9. Hoosier Pass, Colorado, 11,532 ft.

The final pass on the list also services the popular mountain town of Breckenridge and provides an alternate route to I-70 when traffic conditions are poor. The pass is open year-round and traverses under the shadows of local 14ers including Mt. Quandary, one of the most popular in the state. In the winter Hoosier Pass is a popular backcountry skiing destination thanks to its plentiful snow and North facing slopes situated on the Continental Divide.

The Continental Divide sign on Hoosier Pass – PC: MollySVH

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